Friday, December 7, 2012


You know when you aren't sure that you can do something but everyone tells you that you can.. then it feels so much like you want to but just can't seem to figure out why you don't have as much confidence in yourself as everyone else has in you???  And you don't give up because you feel that if so many people say you can do it then you must be able to right??  Well.. It turns out.. everyone was right.. 

I haven't been keeping up here because I'm a full time student.. You know.. One of those "older" people walking around campus rockin the backpack and living in the computer lab...  I'm actually pretty boring and I definitely stay away from skinny jeans.. but I've done alright.  They haven't kicked me out yet.  Now back to all those people being right.. 

This week starts finals week here in my world.  It has been a bit stressful finishing up my classes and preparing for tests but I'm almost there..  Yesterday I took my final Chemistry exam for the semester and my final grade posted today..  Let me preface this by saying that this Chemistry class has been one of the hardest things I have ever done.  It is completely out of my realm of understanding.. But thanks to all of those people who believed in me and continue to support me and tell me I can do it.. I passed.. with flying colors...  B+   wha?  Yeah I know..   I feel like the kid in A Christmas Story when he turns in his paper about the Red Rider BB Gun and he daydreams that his teacher was giving him an A ++++++++++++ and all the kids were cheering him on and holding him up on their shoulders. (sigh)

A big THANKS! for all those that have been holding me up on their shoulders this semester.   I have amazing people cheering me on..  B+ seriously.

Now lest you think I have forgotten that this is a blog about me getting healthy and dropping some pounds...  I have some good news coming soon to a blog near you..  Stay tuned for weigh in coming up next week on the 13th. 

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