Monday, November 12, 2012


While being in a swimsuit isn't my favorite thing in the world and sorry to say.. probably isn't for my fellow swimmers.. I have to say I love getting it on every morning and hitting the pool.  About a month ago I decided I needed something that would get me prepared for Sarah and help me ease into exercising without torturing my body in the process.  As I squeeze my fat self into a suit I am reminded why I am there every morning. (Its not pretty)  But then I find a spot with the old men walking the middle lanes and I get into my groove.  I'm a super slow swimmer, switching from my front to my back every third lap.  I'm there every morning at 5:30am.  Its only a mile from my house so I'm done swimming, showered and home before my kids get up for school.  At first it was for the workout, something to get me started that wasn't too hard on my body.  Now it has grown into something relaxing.  Something to look forward to.  It calms me.  prepares me for my day.  It gives me time to think and relax.  It sets my mind for the day on eating healthy, taking care of myself and getting things accomplished. 

Today as I was swimming I thought about my parents and how grateful I am that they sacrificed to give me swim lessons. My mom drove all of us kids up to Green Canyon (a 35 minute drive) for weeks during the summer so we could take lessons.  My mom never learned to swim and It was important to her that we had lessons.  I can't imagine the cost of the lessons for all of us kids and gas to drive us, not to mention the time and patience it took to get us there.  Thanks mom and dad.

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